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O'Brien Sisters Podcast

The O'Brien Sisters Comedy Show is a Radio Show in the Atlanta market. Clean comedy that's actually really funny. 

May 28, 2017

Roadkill Rangels: Giving Roadkill a Bonafide Burial  

Interview Rubber Ducky Improv Group Member Don Thomas

OBrien Sisters Comedy Show is a sketch comedy show on Atlanta Radiio on Saturdays. Catch the replay on podcast on Libsyn, Itunes and Soundcloud. 

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May 20, 2017

The O'Brien Sisters spend 30 minutes every week on Atlanta radio cracking up their fans and themselves. Radio comedy improv & sketch comedy.


Show 3 includes:
Awkward Wedding Toasts
Jazz & Berties Ferret Rescue of the Week: Meet Tessa
Blessings 7 Ball
Jennifer's Special Christmas Gift to Robin


May 13, 2017

The O'Brien Sisters Comedy Show airing on Atlanta radio. Show #2. Featuring Home Shopping Radio, this 

Featuring Home Shopping Radio, this week we are selling a radio from home.

Storm Trackers of Butts County, putting the B in the Butts.

Roxie and Rose Advice Corner. 


Clean Comedy Atlanta

Clean Female Comedy


May 3, 2017

The O’Brien sisters are a comedy duo based out of Atlanta Georgia! Their style is a mix of everyday characters, observational humor, and banter that only sisters can have! These two delight in entertaining audiences with clean and clever content that is suitable for all ages!

Show 1. 26 Minutes


Clean Comedy...